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S/H close loop with loop

S/H Loop2

S/H with loop

It is a texture generator based on a real S/H, means a double S/H!

It is not a conventional S/H. It is an S/H with integrated feedback. 

It produces CV and works best with square wave signals!

You can think of it like this: A single stage bucket brigade cell with feedback. 

It has two modes:

SampleIn is plugged (square wave signal!), then the loop pot has no meaning and the signal can be attenuated or amplified with the S/H pot.

If SampleIn is not plugged in, then the output signal is internally fed back and the strength of the feedback can be controlled with the Loop Poti.

The signal can be attenuated or amplified with the upper pot. Start in the middle and explore the possibilities. The "rnd" switch adds non-linearity to increase the density of the texture. The loop knob controls the amount of feedback when no SampleIn CV is plugged in.

TrIn should be faster than the sample CV.

Rnd switch: down off.

Output CV is strong, maybe lower it.

Special s/h with a feedback block to produce many different textures:

S/H intensity controllable, from low to strong,

Loop is amount of feedback block (= two integrators),

Sample-in overwrites internal loop routing,

Rnd switch, kills all happy loops,

Trigger-signal start action.

Simple Texture, sound with TWPres
a bit wilder, sound with TWPres
Granular with speed Trigger and rnd, sound with TWPres

6 hp, 35mm deep, 25mA

only black front