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SR – KKi

Shiftregister with different play mods and a good source for my TWPres:

SR Lenght with 8 or 16 bit

Clk In and Data In, any signal, but CLKsound with TWPres should be faster!

DAC, 4 bit stepped output signal

Pulsed, raw pulse form SR

Modulation mode : raw or sync

Clk and Data are not in sync = raw mode

CLK and Data are in sync = sync mode

((Turingmachine uses a rnd CV from Noise to feed SR, so it is easy to simlate it))

Low signals for CLK and Data, raw mod, sound from TWPres

Fast CLK, low Data, raw mod, sound from TWPre
Same CLK and Data speed as before, sync mode, sound from TWPres

8hp / 40mm deep, 30mA

only black front!