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Twin Peak Resonator

Twin Peak Resonator, with XFM and seperate potis for F1 and F2!

Twin Peak Filter Resonator

F1 and F2: Frequency ranges pots,

XFM = Filter 2 modulate F1, for FM,

LP – TWP = Balance from F1 to TWP mode,

Res and Res Mod:  from less Res to oscillation, CV controllable,

TR-F1 and Tr-Fr: Audio In track filter direct, tuned 0,5V/Oct, faster and good for rings and pings

CV1 -CV2 are extra Modulation Ins, also connected to Audio In, but normalized. Both Ins are tuned for 1V/Oct when Filter is oscillation.

Filter need an Audio In signal to work.

This filter is a sound source!

Send changing CV and impulses to create ping- and percussion sounds.

Front panel is 14 hp/TE and 50mm deep.

+/-12V/15V, consumes +/-40ma.

(TWP with joystick not more in production)

TWPres as sound source_1
TWPres controlled by changing CV form my LogGl
TWPres a bit weird …
TWPres in black
TPWres , 50mm deep pcb
TWPres front damage, punk version ….; but all filters handmade in Germany