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Twin Peak Resonator

Twin Peak Resonator, with XFM and seperate potis for F1 and F2!

Twin Peak Filter

I call it Twin Peak Resonator to describe this different version:

2 Pots for each filter

XFM = Filter 2 modulates F1, for FM

Balance from F1 to TWP mode


2019!  A 55 mm deep version is available, please ask

Twin Peak Filter with Joystick is still available. Both filters uses identical „core“. See to LogGl and Triggerdelay. A good source for this filter!

Enhanced for FM sounds.

This filter is a great sound source!

Send CV and impulses to create ping- and percussion sounds.

Normalized to 1V/Oct:

CV1/2 are following 1V/Oct exactly and are both normalized to Audio In.

CV2 is normalized to CV1

(Plug a CV to Audio In and play filter in resonance or produce its specific ping sounds or FM clusters).

Tr(acking) 1 and Tr2 provide 0,5V/Oct for fast and energetic pings and is normalized to Audio In.

Front panel is 14 hp/TE,   55mm deep.