Diodestyl RMO with pingpong

An analog model of a diode style RMO wiht transformers!

Diodestyl RMO with pingpongThis RMO simulates and sounds like an diode styl one. It is complete an anolg device buth build in a unique way. Scope shows a typical ancient Ringmodulation. RMO in most other systems is built with a mulitpliere working in two- or four quadrants and sounds smoother.

What is „ping-pong“?

Put any signal there and your RMO is a switcher: Swithes  between ping-pong (=input)  and Signal input and speed is controlled by Traeger. This produce very different and new sidebands. We call it a simple granular generator. It work with very low signals and produces textures for TwinPeak Resonator or other modules.

Supression ot Triggersiganl is more than 80dB!!

needs 10ma and 4hp, 35mm deep

Diodestyl RMO with pingpong
Typical RMO Wave

17. März 2017 von Willi
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