preenFM Synthesizer

DX7 in Euro-rack 

Xavier Hosxe.

Detail with CV in

3HE / 32hp Version

See CV1 in Matrix to route it to all parameters, similar CV2-4 !


preenFM Synthesizer

PreenFM for Euro with CV

preenFM Synthesizer

It is a Eurorack 3HE version, with 32hp (162mm),

Consumes 125ma and 40 mm deep.

A 2GB stick for data and stereo out for all four instruments.

4 CV ins for control CV´s. Routing in matrix.

Ask for further details.

Further info:




preenFM Synthesizer

Detail with eurorack connector


preenFM Synthesizer

PCB for PreenFM / Eurorack

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