Twin Peak Resonator

Twin Peak Resonator

An second TwinPeak Filter is ready:

Twin Peak Resonator


Twin Peak ResonatorTwin Peak Filter

I call it Twin Peak Resonator to decribe this different version:

2 Pots for each filter

New: XFM = Filter 2 modulates F1, for FM and sharp sounds

New: LB – BP balance:

BP is normal mode = both filters are working.

LP enables only F1 to use. Interesting inbetween sounds and for tuning.

TwinPeak Filter with Joystick is still available.

Enhanced for FM sounds.

This filter is a great soundsource!

Send CV and impules to creat ping- and percussion sounds.

Normalised to 1V/Okt:

CV1/2 are following 1V/Okt exactly and are both normalised to Audio In.

CV2 is normalised to CV1 (Plug a CV to AudioIn and play filter in resononace or

produce its specific ping sounds or FM clusters)

Tr(acking) 1/2 provide 0,5V/Okt for fast and engergetic pings and rings and are normalised

to Audio In.

Frontpanel is 14 HP, a 16HP version on request (more spcace for left pots)