NEWS – Sept 2018

read more about Frequency Shifter and precision OTA-VCO

Frequency Shifter:

  1. Hilbert Transformation Filter for in coming signals (B. Hutchings, Haible)
  2. Two precision multiplier for sin / cosin transformation
  3. Mixer for up- down shifts, balance between Ringmodulation and Single Sideband Superession.

For work you need a quadrature VCO. A Doepfer A110-4 is a perfect, or a stare vatriable filter is also possible.

I think we save space and money to offer only the critical part for FS. A modulation source may be in most systems.

Module need 10hp and 50mm depth.


Precison VCO,


Tri core and expo stage is  build with OTAś and offers chip heating also for precisions sine shaper.

Build in a unique way.

Stable high precision VCO  (8 Oct) and sine wave distortion of 0,1%.

Basic discussion see at Muffwiggler: