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TZ – VCO = Through Zero VCO

13. Dezember 2017 von Willi
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XR – VCO – new 8 TE

Based of XR2206 chip it is possible to produce a stable sine wave over full range. Good for FM, TZ -modulation and wave folding.

01. März 2017 von Willi
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Wavetable VCO

Wavetable VCO Plays  wavetables with 1V/Okt. Plays two wavetables at same time:  Main- and Suboszillator. Suboszillator is de-tunable, FM, portamento and bitcrusher on board. CV controllable wave morphing: smooth morphing in Mainoszillator and hard switching in Suboszillator, both are useful.

30. Oktober 2016 von Willi
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Please ask me for details !

All modules are a product of my „research“ together with other musicians. If you are interested of, please contact me for more information about …. You can buy it!

20. Mai 2016 von Willi
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