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Twin Peak Resonator

Twin Peak Resonator, with XFM and seperate potis for F1 and F2!

09. November 2016 von Willi
Kategorien: Twin Peak Filter, VCF | 5 Kommentare


Twin Peak Filter von Rob Hordijk

Twin Peak Filter with joystick The real fun starts by traveling with joystick.

01. November 2016 von Klangkrachmaschine
Kategorien: Twin Peak Filter, VCF | 2 Kommentare

Be happy and contact me!

14. Juni 2016 von Willi
Kategorien: CV-Prozessor, CV-Triggerdelay, Envelope Former, Euclidian Pattern Generator, preenFM, Radio Music, Ringmodulator, Sample and Hold, Twin Peak Filter | 5 Kommentare

Please ask me for details !

All modules are a product of my „research“ together with other musicians. If you are interested of, please contact me for more information about …. You can buy it!

20. Mai 2016 von Willi
Kategorien: Frequency Shifter, Logistische Gleichung, Tube - VCA, Twin Peak Filter, TZ-VCO, VCA, VCDO, VCF, VCO, Wavefolder, Wavetable VCO, XR - VCO | Kommentare deaktiviert für Please ask me for details !