WavefolderThe wavefolder has a five times diode folder and two VCAs build in.


The idea of wavefolding is to create new harmonics to an input signal. It works best with non or less harmonic signals, like sinewave or triangle. To archiv timevariant foldings you need dynamic control of input signal. Add some modulated bias to input signal to obtain PWM of spectra.

VCA1 is input to folder.

VCA2 is normlised to 5V. So you can add some bias to create PWM in spectral sphere. Put a jack in VCA2 and use it as a standalone VCA,

or use VCA2 as a second sound input to creat strange harmonic mixes.


Take my XR-VCO (or  Doepfer´s Q-VCO)  – a pure sinewave VCO – to obtain great sounds.

Every VCA has input, Range and Mod Input.

„Fold“ controls the startpoint for transformation.

Inspiered of basic idea of Jürgen Haible.

Modul comsumes +-15ma, has 9 hp and is 50mm deep.

Wavefolder von KlangbauKoeln