VC-controlled Triggerdelay

VC-controlled Triggerdelay

Modul need a TriggerIN to work.

With CV-controlled Triggerdelay you controll delaytime of Triggeroutput.  In combination with my „Logistische  Gleichung“ module  you creat time variing rhythmen pattern

Patch LogGl in a loop and CV out causes delayed  out of next trigger and so on: endless variing rhythms.

Tr-In (or normalised to 5V)

2x TrOut direkt form Tr-In

and TrOut with TrIn of RND


„Delay“ pot work manualy if nothing is in CV-in. Connecting a signal to CV-in you get delay funktionality. Patch two or more CV-controlled Triggerdelay together to produce chaotic figures.

Modul need +- 6ma / 6 hp/TE, 40mm deep