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The wavefolder has an eight times diode folder and two VCA´s build in.

The idea of wave folding is to add specific harmonics to an input signal. It works best with non or less harmonic signals, like sine wave or triangle. Dynamic control of input amplitude is  main feature. Add some modulated bias to input signal to obtain PWM of spectra. It works like an inverse filter: From less  to complex harmonics.

VCA1 controls audio signals input.

VCA2 is normalized to 5V to obtain a CV- controllable bias for kind of spectral PWM .

Input to VCA2 only, get a standalone VCA.

Module consumes +-15ma, has 8 hp and is 50mm deep.

Demo, driven by LogGL:

First only „Folde“ and „Range1“ manually, with EG, later „Range2“ with LFO.