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Repair department


Moog MG1

Roland SH-09


Moog MG1:

New Fader, fix VCO2:

workaround for defect divider IC (MM5823), to bring trigger for synth alive. Synth part is now working, Organ lost 7 tones. Looking for a MM5823.

JH-09 Roland:

Reapaired an contionous LFO pitch shifting on VCO.

Mellotron M400 S

First secret picture of my electromechanical intrument. It is waiting for a small repair session. 40 year old and in good condition.

Sounds are not original. It is a set of selfmade sounds for a soundtrack. Motor needs help for startup. CMC 10, motorcontroller, inspection.

Searching for schematic for CMC 10.



Is it an analog or a digital synthesizer? It is filled with hundert Logic IC.

NO Prozessor inside!

VCO1 is now running again.

SH101 :

SH101 and SH 1oh1 Midi extension. Works fine and a lot of fun with all new features. Fix Bender, clean not working keys and replace VCF fader . It was not so hard as I suspected. Even to drill two big holes for Midi in SH body works without problems. If you what to spend your SH101 this SH1oh1 from ask me.

Sometimes I will be aksed to repair or modify

real analog devices like drum maschine or synthmodules etc.

Please feel free to ask me.

Korg KR 55



OB 12: